BANGE Travel Overnight Backpack,40-Liter FAA Flight Approved Weekender Bag

$59.99 $299
  • HIGH CAPASITY CARRY ON BACKPACK:Its sizes is 19.7 x 8.3 x 12.6 inches,and the volume is 40L.It has 2 pockets on the front, a vertical pocket and a 7-shaped pocket. The vertical pocket hold your notebooks and other items that need to be quickly put in or taken out.The 7-shaped pocket has an ipad compartment and a cell phone compartment. You can also put data lines, power bank or other things else in it.
  • MULTI-FUNCTION TRAVEL LAPTOP BACKPACK:The middle pocket has a computer compartment and a tablet compartment. It can also hold magazines and books.The main pocket is large which can hold camera, clothes, shoes, books, umbrella, keys, power bank,glasses case and so many other items.And this rucksack has a water bag which can be adjusted to hold the bottle tight. It is great for flight travel, camping, hiking,college.It also can be a commuting backpack.
  • STURDY AND CONVENIENT TRAVEL TOTE:It has a hand strap on the side and top, which can be used as a tote.There are 4 straps with adjustable buckles on the side, which makes the backpack load-bearing.The back of the backpack has a hidden breathable and elastic shoulder strap,and there is a alastic adjustable chest strap on shoulder strap which can hold the backpack tightly.There is also a tie rod fixed strap on the back that can Hold it with the trolley case.
  • WATER RESISTANT AND TSA FRIENDLY RUCKSACK:It protects your important files from the rain when you used it to carry something important.It can be opened to 180 degrees,which can pass the security check in the airport.And your items won't run out because the main bag has 2 adjustable straps which can tie your clothes or other items and keep it in the bag.

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