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Originated from Italy, a high-end brand backpack, focusing on the development and design of men multi-functional business packs.

we are committed to integrating modem technology in a personalized, sustainable and safety way, to create a quality and appearance coexist products . To explore and pursue a fashion, high efficiency and unique lifestyle.

A better experience through good design

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Organize, protect and carry your MacBook and essentials.

made improvements along the way

11 years of being there

Founded in 1997,Our team employs exacting design protocols to ensure each BANGE product meets the needs of our consumers, new emerging markets, and an ever-expanding world of new habits of young group . The brand, our team, and the products we create thrive at the intersection of technology and lifestyle while innovation through collaboration lives at the core of our design process.

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A better experience through good design

At Bange, every member of our team is driven to create innovative, quality, unique products so we can make everyday better.